Meals for Great Bend Remote Learners and Quarantined Students

Families can now us LINQ to place orders for student meals.  Meals can be ordered online in advance for daily pick-up from USD 428 Central Kitchen located at 2201 Broadway.

How to Order:

  • Parents need to create an account at, parents will need their student Skyward ID number.
  • Orders must be submitted by 7:00 AM on the day of service, however, parents/students may order in advance as far out as the menus are posted.  Menu subject to change.
  • Parents/Students will choose the pick-up location, which will be the Central Kitchen for everyone.
  • The time to pick-up is from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (these times are subject to change)
  • Parents/Students should go to the Central Kitchen entering the parking lot from the North-side.
  • Parents/Students will wait in their cars, the staff will be outside to deliver the food they ordered.
  • Students will be charged based on the status of their meals, free or reduce-price will also be honored.  FREE MEALS will be provided in partnership with USDA until December 31, 2020.
  • For GB Remote students:  Parents are asked to bring the student, with student ID (secondary students only), on their first pick-up to verify the name and enrollment status.  Parents will then be able to obtain a permit at that time for parents to pick-up food.
  • For quarantine students:  We understand students in quarantine are unable to leave their homes.  In this case, please bring a copy of the quarantine order (including dates of expected quarantine) to receive a permit for meal pick-up.
  • At this time, only students under quarantine or GB Remote Learning Students can use the online system to order their breakfast and lunch.